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Loddon Nursery School Caterpillar Loddon Nursery School - Caterpillar Room
The children in this room are aged from 2 years up to 3 years; depending on when their birthday falls (they move into Butterfly room the year before they go to school).

The room is light and spacious with a varied range of inspiring resources, all of which are accessible to children to promote independent learning.

Our room is complimented by a strong staff team who are qualified and greatly experienced within Early Years.

We concentrate on building relationships with children and families to ensure that children settle well into the routine, often this is the first experience children have of being left for the first time with someone other than a family member, we ensure that this transition goes as smoothly as possible by arranging several visits, establishing a firm link with key person and having valuable communications with parents. We pride ourselves on our links with families.

Whilst in Caterpillar room children experience a wide range of activities, carefully planned by the staff. Each child has their own ‘Key Person’ who observes your child and completes their ‘learning journey’ a lovely document that details your child’s progress and achievements at Nursery. We also encourage parents to complete one of our ‘All about me’ books which are used at Nursery and have lots of photos inside all about the child and their family. We encourage ‘free flow’ play between the indoor and outdoor area.

We fully support the routines already established at home in relation to sleeping, potty training etc. We have a sleeping area within the room and individual bedding for each child who require a daytime nap; full support is given when children are ready to move from nappies to potty training.

We also have a visiting bear called ‘Buzz’, children take it in turns to take him home for a few days, sharing their adventures with their friends at Nursery.

We ensure that activities are planned according to the age and stage of the child, those older children in the class will have different activities planned for them if necessary.

When it is their time to move to Butterfly room we ensure that we fully prepare them by visiting the room with their key person, although most children are already very familiar with the room and the staff.

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