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“Emma and Sam have been very happy at Loddon Nursery School. James and I could not have been more impressed with the level of care and attention both our children received during these first important and formative years. We shall look forward to sending you reports on our activities in New Zealand! We are confident that the start they had at Nursery School will be of benefit to them both throughout their school years”
Christina and James Hoseason

“Thank you so much for all the love and support you have given to Sebastian. He has so much enjoyed his time at your Nursery and has made special friends. You have given him a great foundation for his educational journey”
Katherine and Andy Walter

“Thank you all very much for the love, care and guidance you’ve given to Callum during his time here. This nursery has been a wonderful start to both my boys schooling lives
Louise Dimmock

“A BIG thank you from us all for the lovely time Estelle has had at the Hollies. It is such a caring, happy and fun place and Estelle has loved every minute. We are so pleased Estelle was able to come to the Hollies – it is a very special Nursery”
Aaron and Melanie Widdows

“Many thanks for the wonderful time the girls have had over the last 18 months. Both girls have loved their time here and made lifelong friends. I couldn’t have asked for more and it is a sad day to leave such a wonderful school. They will I am sure enjoy their new school and now have a great start to their school years” 
Sara and Laurence Bower

“Thank you seems such a short word to say what a wonderful start you have given both Harry and Charlie. I cannot believe 4 years has passed so quickly. The care and attention you have given them is fantastic and to hear Charlie say ‘I want to go to Nursery’ is a joy. So thank you for everything, we all very much enjoyed our experience at Loddon Nursery and met some fabulous children and friends”
Annie and Greg Meo

“Thank you so very much for the support you have given Chloe over the last two years. Your input into her development and advice has been gratefully received. We will both miss you”
Lisa and Chloe

loddon nursery schoolloddon nursery school
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