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Loddon Nursery School - food

We strongly believe that children should be offered a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet. We ensure that healthy food and snacks are offered for all children and those children who attend for a full day (8-6) are offered their ‘5 a day’ fruit and vegetables.

We have a daily cook, Jo who carefully plans the menu and prepares the children’s meals. ┬áJo holds a Level 2 award in food safety and catering, she has also recently attended training run by the Department of Health called ‘Delivering better nursery food’

All our meat is supplied by local butchers A J Wards in Loddon and our meat pies are made by local caterer ‘Goulborns’ who specialise in high quality locally sourced ingredients.
We ensure that babies routines mimic those from home and that parents’ wishes with regards to food are carefully adhered to.

Breakfast consists of a selection of fruit, cereals, toast and crumpets with spreads and milk or water.
Our mid morning snack is a selection of fresh fruit and mid afternoon snacks are chosen from the following;
Fresh fruit, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, breadsticks, raisins, malt loaf, cheese and crackers, dried fruit, vegetable sticks, rice cakes and a cheese biscuit.

Children are offered milk or water to drink at all snack times.
Fresh drinking water is freely available throughout the day and during lunchtime.

Our weekly menu is always displayed in the entrance hall on the notice board.
We serve a daily hot two course cooked lunch, listed below are just a few examples:

Homemade fish pie, spaghetti bolognaise, salmon and broccoli bake, homemade pizza, chicken and vegetable pie, sausage and bean casserole, chicken and vegetable curry.
FromageFrais/fruit yogurt, Homemade fruit crumble and custard, Seasonal fresh fruit salad, homemade flapjacks, natural yogurt and honey.

Nursery staff sit with the children to encourage good social skills and manners. Children are not made to eat food they dislike, but are given child size portions of all foods on the menu that day and are encouraged to try them. Additional portions are available for those children that require them. Children are also encouraged to use their cutlery correctly if they are able to do so.

Children can also bring a packed lunch from home; we ask that lunchboxes contain a selection of balanced items to promote healthy eating.

A light tea is served between 4.15 and 4.30 which is usually a selection of sandwiches and salad sticks. A small pudding is also provided which can include, fresh fruit, yoghurt, fruit scone or a small bun.
All dietary requirements are catered for including; vegetarians, gluten free, dairy free, diabetic etc. We have extensive knowledge of gluten and dairy free diets.

Our premises are regularly spot checked by Environmental Health and we have just been awarded the highest rating of ‘5 Stars’ for our food hygiene.

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