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Loddon Nursery School - Ofsted
We received an Ofsted inspection visit on 1st June 2011, following which we were awarded a Good rating with ten outstanding elements. These are;

The capacity of the provision to maintain continuous improvement
staff continually review their practice and demonstrate a positive attitude and firm commitment towards sustained and continuous improvement’

The effectiveness of leadership and management in embedding ambition and driving improvement
‘The strong leadership from the proprietor, alongside knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff, helps to create an effective team that is pro-active in ensuring children are happy, confident and thriving in their learning and development’

The effectiveness with which the setting promotes equality and diversity
‘The setting strives and succeeds in providing an inclusive facility where all children, regardless of age or ability are actively encouraged to take part in the rich experiences on offer to them at the nursery’

The effectiveness of the setting’s self-evaluation, including steps taken to promote improvement
‘The continuous evaluation of their daily practice enables staff to obtain a clear overview of the nursery and to prioritise changes that improve the outcomes for children. Significant improvement has been sustained since the last inspection. For example, the enhancement of the outside area has led to this becoming an inviting and interesting area for children to play and learn’

The effectiveness of partnerships
‘excellent partnerships with parents and other professionals have been firmly established, ensuring children’s needs are fully supported’

The effectiveness of the setting’s engagement with parents and carers
Partnerships with parents and others are excellent. The setting actively sets out to engage all those connected with the children in making sure their needs are met and securing their learning. Parents are very warmly welcomed by staff and clearly feel very comfortable within the Nursery. Staff dedicate their time getting to know children and their families, fostering excellent relationships and helping to ensure children feel safe and secure’

The extent to which children feel safe
‘Children know what to do when they hear the fire alarm and understand about road safety because they learn, through play about safe road crossing’

The extent to which children adopt healthy lifestyles
‘Children are learning about healthy eating as they eagerly eat balanced, nutritious meals which include their five pieces of fruit or vegetables a day’

The extent to which children make a positive contribution
‘Children interact extremely positively with their peers and are keen to share their ideas with friends and staff’

The extent to which children develop skills for the future
‘Overall, children demonstrate that they are acquiring very good skills that will help them in the future and prepare them for their transition in to school’

The recommendations from Ofsted were;

  • To develop appraisal systems further to review the ongoing suitability of staff. This has been done by ensuring staff are asked during their appraisals if they are still ‘suitable’ for the role as set out in the EYFS requirements, and signing a statement to this effect.
  • Review and develop further the system for early observation of new children so that starting points are clearly identified. This has been completed by ensuring that every child’s key person is assigned before their initial visit to nursery.

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